• Liquid & Dry Storage Facilities (Nitrogen, Ammonia, Acid)
  • Liquid and dry product truck and rail terminals with measurement
  • Cooling Water Systems
  • Facility Optimization and Turnarounds
  • Polishing or Deionization System
  • Fire Suppression Design
  • Blending Facilities
  • Nitric Acid Plants (Weak& Strong Acid)
  • Ammonia Nitrate Plant
  • Steam System Design
  • Commissioning & Start up


Lube Oil Blending and Packaging Plant

  • Installation of an enterprise control system to fully automate production batch operations for lube oil blending, packaging and bulk loading of trucks and rail cars.
  • Full automation and batch sequencing of both inline and batch blending systems.
  • Bulk loading consisted of two truck loading racks and one rail car loading rack.  Rail rack has the capacity for 40 rail cars per day.
  • Control system consisted of customized web based system to integrate new batch control system with SAP.

Nitric Acid Plant and Terminal

  • Design, construction experience and commissioned a Nitric Acid plant, storage facilities, automated loading and unloading terminals.
  • Built with the capability to automatically load and off load 80 trucks per day. 
  • Pipeline, pump, and metering systems for custody transfer.
  • Installation of five (5) 5000 bbl storage tanks associated piping, transfer pumps and meters