• Brine Pumping
  • Brine/Produced Water Pipelines
  • Truck and Railcar Terminals
  • Brine Pond Storage
  • Water Treatment
  • Desalinization Plants
  • Brine Injection
  • Brine Tank Storage
    • Salinity Measurement
    • Corrosion Mitigation Strategies
    • Material Selection
    • Internal Coatings



Pipeline Replacement (6"-12") Project

  • Replaced the existing water injection pipelines due to corrosion of existing piping.  
  • The MOP of the injection system is 24,130 kPa with a design temperature of 100 °C. 
  • The pipelines that were replaced ranged from 12" OD to 6"OD.  
  • This project required extensive design and modeling to address hydraulic, expansion stress due to high pressures, high temperatures, and erosion issues.  
  • Design Flow Rates - 20,000 m3/day (125,800 bbl/day) Total Fluids