• Product Storage Terminals

  • Mainline Valve Stations

  • LACT

  • Metering Stations

  • Field Erected Floating Roof Tank

  • Initiation & Booster Pumping Stations

  • Truck and Rail Car Off-loading Facilities

  • Pipeline Terminals

  • Blending Infrastructure

  • Batch Systems

  • Retrofits and Upgrades to Pumping Stations Control Systems


Six Crude Oil Pumping Stations and Two Stations Upgrades Project

  • Designed, procured, and constructed six (6) new pump stations and upgraded two (2) existing stations.

  • Upgraded 430 km of 22,000 m3/day liquids pipeline. Power studies were completed to examine electrical grid loading to prevent browning out at local towns.

  • Five (5) 2500 hp pump stations (All electrically driven w/ VFD grass roots installations).

  • One (1) 3000 hp pump station (Electrically driven w/ VFD grass roots installations).

Truck Terminal Blending Facility Project

  • Installation of a new blending, pumping, and metering system to accommodate blending Light Sour crude with heavier crude.

  • Bringing the combined blend to the higher end of the acceptable density range for our client while maximizing revenue on the heavier crude.

  • Field erection of 25,000 bbl floating roof tanks