• Compressor Troubleshoot
  • Optimization
  • Process compressor in process packages
  • Compressor sizing & modelling 
  • Electric and Gas Drivers
  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • H2S and CO2 Compression/Injection
  • Screw Compressors
  • Vapour Recovery Units
  • Compressor Re-cylindering
  • Compressor Overhaul



  • Engineered, designed, procured, and constructed a 4,000 HP modular gas compressor station and associated 10 kilometer 8” sales pipeline to accommodate 70 mmscfd of sour (50 ppm), high CO2 (4.5%) gas from slave point production through three (3) 25 mmscfd trains. This design incorporated skid modules for all major equipment as well as piping modules making the entire facility 100% modular.
  • Major equipment included 2500 ANSI line heater, three gas coolers, inlet separator, cyclone separator, three 1350 HP reciprocating gas compressors, three dehydrators, one sales gas metering skid, tankage, and site utilities including, power generation, high and low pressure flare systems.
  • This project required hydraulic modeling and design to ensure that the well did not hydrate off given high pressures and high levels of CO2 within the wellhead gas. Wellhead pressures were around 5000 psig.
  • Client wished to fast track this project given competitive reservoir draw-down. As such Lanmark took its modular approach to equipment and extended this philosophy to all aspects of the project including a modular piping system. This allowed the project to be broken up into multiple components with each being assigned a project manager. From start to completion this facility was six months.


  • Retrofitted a 4,000 HP, single stage, sour service unit to a 3-stage configuration.
  • Increased flow through from 210 e3m3 to 390 e3m3 per day
  • Modified compressor discharge piping to accommodate the increased flow through