• Amine Sweetening Systems
  • Refrigeration Plants
  • Glycol Dehydration Systems
  • Condensate Stabilization
  • Molecular Sieve Systems



  • Membrane CO2 Systems
  • NGL Terminals
  • Deep-cut Plants
  • Clause/Sulfur Plants




Optimization of Brazeau Gas Plant

  • Lanmark modeled the Brazeau Gas Plant amine process, Claus Process, and steam systems with a main focus on identifying system and component capacities, and potential areas of optimization.
  • Gas Inlet volume of 5,040 e3m3/day (178 mmscfd)
  • 26% Acid gas at the inlet
  • Gas composition of 90% H2S & 10% CO2
  • Lanmark identified gas plant system capacities and made recommendations in the optimization of the amine system which resulted in annual savings of approximately $1MM annually.