• Nitric Acid Plants (Weak & Strong Acid)

  • Ammonia / Nitrate Plants

  • Additives & Coatings

  • Blending Facilities

  • Liquid & Dry Storage Facilities

  • Liquid & Dry Product Truck and Rail Terminals

  • Cooling Water Systems

  • Facility Optimization and Turnarounds

  • Process Safety

  • Plant Dismantling & Relocation

  • Engineering & Design Services

    • Process Engineering

    • Mechanical Engineering

    • Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Engineering

    • Civil / Structural Engineering

    • Stress Engineering

    • 3D / 2D Drafting

  • Project Management & Owner Engineering

  • Operations Support & Turnaround

  • Management of Change


nitric acid and ammonia plants

  • Project Management for installation of two new nitric acid plants and outside battery limits components.

  • Front End Engineering Design of outside battery limits (OSBL) to support the two new acid plants and an ammonia plant.

  • Commissioning of the nitric acid plants and the supporting OSBL units such as cooling tower boiler house, steam turbine generator, and ammonia shipping and storage.

waste heat boiler replacement

  • Precise as-built of piping and structural tie points prior to detailed design.

  • Production of isometric spool drawing that allowed for complete offsite piping fabrication through 3D modeling.

  • Review of pipe stress, adequacy of existing pipe supports and specification of new pipe supports.

  • Identified required modifications to structural steel supports for vessel and pipe.

Nitric Acid Plant and Terminal

  • Design, construction experience and commissioned a Nitric Acid plant, storage facilities, automated loading and unloading terminals.

  • Built with the capability to automatically load and offload 80 trucks per day.

  • Pipeline, pump, and metering systems for custody transfer.

  • Installation of five (5) 5000 bbl storage tanks associated piping, transfer pumps and meters.