Lanmark’s procurement team is able to provide complete and effective operation, co-ordination, and control of all components of the procurement process. Given our many years of experience in purchasing a wide variety and volume of equipment and materials from sources to both tight schedule and cost targets, our team is able to maximize value for our clients. We monitor both the cost and delivery of all items ensuring smooth project execution.

Identification, review, and qualification of industry leading vendors for all materials required in the oil, gas, and petro-chemical facility industry.

  • Jurisdictional registration of imported equipment and materials
  • Brokerage of imported materials, equipment and services.
  • A maintained database and rating system of qualified vendors.
  • Incorporation of engineering specifications and requests into Request for Quotation Documentation.
  • Creation and issue of bid documentation for key materials, equipment and services.
  • Review, normalization and analysis of bid documents.
  • Recommendation of qualified bidders.
  • Utilization of project procurement tools, including purchase orders and cost tracking.
  • Material and service expediting.