Lanmark has expertise and experience with non-conventional oil sytems. Our people have experience with the design and engineering of SAGD central processing and well-pad facilities, including: de-oiling, oily water separation, filtration, boiler feed-water, steam generation, high pressure steam distribution, hot lime softening, ion exchange, tank farms and well pad/pipe rack module design.

Lanmark can provide engineering and design services to all project phases from conceptual development to detailed engineering and construction.



  • Cost/benefit analysis to maximize cost savings of flowline sizing, material and wall thickness.
  • High operating temperatures (i.e. Steam at 320°C)
  • Extensive stress analysis to dictate anchor/guide and expansion loops design.
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Evaluation of fluid velocities to optimizing fluid flow for both present and future production
  • Mitigation of slugging on both the steam and produced gas lines
  • Significant environmental design to ensure that ungulate crossing 
  • restrictions were limited.

  • High pressure Steam distribution
  • Lift Gas distribution
  • Piping sizing and optimization
  • Oily water separation
  • Pumps





  • Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)
  • Pad Separation Systems
  • Steam Supply Pipelines
  • Steam/NG Return Pipelines
  • High Pressure Steam Generation Systems
  • Central SAGD Facility Systems
    • Valve Station design and module standardization
    • Gathering Flowlines
    • Pad Facility design, sizing, and module standardization